ABF-260 (Mark 1) (discontinued)

Tunnel Horn

ABF-260 (Mark 1)
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The ABF-260 has been specially developed for use in road traffic tunnels to form part of the public address/emergency sound system and has already been used in highly successful installations all around the world.

The ABF’s low profile and its ability to produce high sound pressure levels with negligible distortion make it the perfect solution for low ceiling noisy environments like traffic tunnels. A single ABF is capable of covering large distances within a tunnel environment.

For tunnels with a very small vehicle envelope, an ultra low profile version of the ABF is available.

The key advantages of the ABF approach include:

Designed for tunnels - The ABF-260 has not only been designed to deliver clear and intelligible messages but also to meet the demands of the tunnel environment. The primary purpose of any loudspeaker is to move air and create sound. Extreme care has been taken to ensure that the unit can cope with the rigours of tunnel cleaning, sprinkler and deluge systems whilst at the same time not compromising the performance of the loudspeaker.

The ABF comprises of an impact resistant reinforced polyester flare, (Fire Retardant to DIN4102 class B2), a 2” exit (4” voice coil) high performance compression driver, (available as either a 50 or 100 Watts) and a 100 V impedance transformer. The exit or mouth of the flare is fitted with a stainless steel grill to prevent water from entering the flare during tunnel cleaning. This grill has been specially designed so that it does not affect the acoustical performance of the ABF-260.

Easy to install and maintain – With ABF there are fewer installation points compared to conventional loudspeaker systems. To assist with installation an optional drilling template is available.

Highly reliable systems – The cost of servicing equipment in tunnels is very high. For this reason Duran Audio uses high quality components and a thorough quality assurance system to ensure that the ABF is reliable throughout its lifetime.

Meeting standards - The ABF-260 is manufactured at Duran Audio’s R&D and manufacturing facility located in The Netherlands. This facility is ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certified.


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  • Superior Speech Intelligibility
  • Minimum number of sources due to long throw
  • High Directivity
  • High Power
  • Low Distortion
  • Large front-to-back ratio
  • Superior sound quality to conventional folded horns, the ABF has a useful frequency response up to 8 kHz
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs compared to conventional folded horns


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ABF-260 (Mark 1) (discontinued)

Tunnel Horn