Dante Break-In, Break-Out Device

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The Octadrive DSP-DN has integral 32-bit audio digital processing and a bi-directional DANTE™ interface. The unit may thus act as an audio Analogue break-in function/distribution amplifier with the added advantage of highly configurable on-board signal processing, or form part of a DANTE™ based audio system, with all inputs and outputs being in the digital domain. In this case, the analogue connectivity can be used as an emergency backup signal path, in the event of failure of the digital audio sources. The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows control of gain, EQ and delay for each input and output. Control of the DSP functions are via AXYS’s WinControl software, which uses DANTE™ control data capacity for communications.

The Octadrive DSP-DN (DANTE™) is Audinate Dante Domain Manager™ (DDM) Ready.


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AXYS Octadrive DSP-DN (Dante) Datasheet Rev 3.0
en updated: Jan 17, 2020
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AXYS Octadrive DSP-DN (Dante) Installation & User Manual Rev 3.0
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AXYS WinControl
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    Oct 25, 2018

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  • 2 analogue audio inputs and 8 analogue audio outputs (all transformer coupled)
  • Ambient Noise Sensing (ANS) / Paging mic input
  • Mic capsule monitoring
  • 16 digital audio inputs via DANTE™
  • 18 digital audio outputs via DANTE™
  • 16 x 8 Audio Matrix Router (any Input(s) to any Output(s))
  • Pilot tone monitoing on all inputs
  • Pilot tone generation on all outputs
  • Adjustment of per-input level, EQ and delay
  • Adjustment of per-output level, EQ and delay
  • DSP-based autogain and compression algorithms
  • Control and monitoring via DANTE™ using WinControl software
  • DANTE™ interface is fully redundant for both digital audio and control data
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for monitoring purpose