AXYS Tunnel Installations

A wide range of AXYS Tunnel installations can be found around the globe supporting the unique needs of tunnel visitors and operators. We invite you to learn a little about and view photos from some of our most intriguing installations.

Installation: Grouft, Luxembourg

AXYS Tunnel installation in Grouft, Luxembourg, featuring loudspeakers and tunnel horns. View additional images.

Installation: Micheville, Luxembourg

AXYS Tunnel Emergency Sound System designed in Micheville, Luxembourg that features ABF-260 tunnel horn loudspeakers. Watch the video.

Installation: Olandixo, Spain

AXYS Tunnel Public Address and Voice Alarm System installation located in Olandixo, Spain that was designed for intelligible speech. View additional images.

Installation: St. Helena, Australia

AXYS Tunnel Emergency Sound System installation in St. Helena, Australia that is driven by ABF-260 tunnel horn loudspeakers. View additional images.