D-Audio - USB audio reference sound card (discontinued)

USB audio reference mic/line pre-amp

D-Audio - USB audio reference sound card
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Tired of carrying bulky devices all around to execute your acoustical measurements? Duran Audio has developed a handy, compact, and yet highly accurate USB microphone pre-amp to alleviate this problem. The D-audio USB Audio Reference Preamplifier is designed for use with acoustic measurement software such as WinMLS, EASERA and Smaart for the purpose of the precise capturing of audio data to ensure fast and reliable STI figures without the common measurement setup hassles. This extremely high quality unit can also be used for the most demanding recording purposes. D-audio provides two line and two microphone level inputs and two transformer balanced line outputs with software controllable local loopback functionality and a rock steady 48V phantom power. The unit can be powered by the USB port or an external power supply.

The D-Audio USB pre-amp has been designed to the highest accuracy so that the user can be guaranteed reliable results from their measurements and it even fits neatly into your laptop bag!

The D-audio USB pre-amp provides:


  • Two high-end microphone preamps
  • 3p XLR female/ 6.3 mm jack combined connectors. Phone jack with -20 dB attenuation
  • Analogue input gain adjustable from 0 to 60 dB (software controlled, 6 dB steps)
  • 48V phantom power, software controlled on/off switching
  • Professional 24 bit AD converter (dynamic range: 115dB @ 0dB gain), bit depth dependent on OS


  • Two high-end transformer balanced outputs
  • 3p XLR male
  • Output level 6 dBu (0 dBFS), analogue gain is fixed to 0 dB. Level can be digitally attenuated by the wave slider in the Windows mixer
  • Professional 24 bit, 48 kHz DA converter (dynamic range: >115dB) , bit depth dependent on OS


  • Full speed USB, spec. 1.1 compliant
  • Bus powered application


  Version Language Size Uploaded
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en updated: Feb 2024
  en  2.46 MB Feb 2024
platform icon D-Audio Mixer
version 1.0.0, updated: Mar 2017
1.0.0     251 KB Mar 2017
platform icon D-Audio Mixer
version 1.0.5, updated: Mar 2017
1.0.5     8.18 MB Mar 2017
platform icon D-Audio Mixer
version 0.1, updated: Jun 2016
0.1     53.8 KB Jun 2016
platform icon D-Audio Firmware Programmer
updated: Jun 2016
    691 KB Jun 2016

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  • Standard type-B USB connection
  • Status indicator LED (green indicating status OK and red indicating fault condition)
  • Local loop-back per channel from line out to input. Enables latency determination by the host application
  • Digital and analog settings are made on the host PC, no switches or potentiometers on the USB card
  • DC power inlet. Used if the host PC power supply is insufficient (weak laptop battery)
  • Standard DC power supply can be used (9V DC, 600mA, centre pin positive)
  • Standard Windows USB drivers supported, fully compatible with the Windows sound system (WDM CSA)
  • Windows panel for calibrated analogue input gain, loop-back & phantom power control ready available
  • Native USB compatibility


D-Audio - USB audio reference sound card FAQs

Does the D-Audio card support a USB 3.0 connection?

The D-Audio card only supports a USB 2.0 connection and below.

Does the D-Audio card work on an Apple Mac OS X operating system?

In order for the D-Audio card to work using an Apple Mac OS X operating system, firmware version 1.1 needs to be installed on the device.

Does the D-Audio card work with Windows 8.1 and 10?

The D-Audio Mixer v1.0.5 (Windows 7/Vista) can be run in "Compatility" mode. Please see Windows Compatibility Mode for information on how this can be activated.

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D-Audio - USB audio reference sound card (discontinued)

USB audio reference mic/line pre-amp