KOINFRA Upgrades Architectural Lighting on Geoga Bridge with Martin by HARMAN Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions

September 20, 2019

BUSAN, South Korea—Korea Infrastructure Management Corporation recently hired Hansam System Co., Ltd. to upgrade the architectural lighting at Geoga Bridge with Martin by HARMAN LED lighting fixtures.

Formally known as the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, Geoga Bridge is a 5.1-mile bridge and tunnel system connecting the city of Busan with nearby Geoje Island. The link begins with two cable-stayed bridges, each over a mile long, spanning Geoje Island and two smaller islands. The route continues for two more miles underwater in one of the world’s deepest immersed roadways, which emerges onto the mainland just Southwest of Busan. Maintained by Korea Infrastructure Management Corporation (KOINFRA), the bridges are brilliantly lit to highlight the architecture and increase safety. To enhance the display while saving on energy costs, KOINFRA recently hired Hansam System Co. to replace the bridge’s conventional Martin lighting fixtures with cutting-edge Martin Exterior Wash 300 LED fixtures.

 “KOINFRA asked us to do the design and simulation of the new bridge lighting,” said Mr. Dongjin Jim, Sales Manager at Hansam System Co., Ltd. “The bridge had older Martin Exterior 600 lamps, and the client wanted an LED replacement with equal brightness. After evaluating their requirements, we decided to use Martin Exterior Wash 300 fixtures in order to provide the necessary brightness and withstand environmental forces.”

 The Martin Exterior Wash 300 delivers sufficient brightness to match the older traditional lamps’ output, while drastically reducing power consumption and operation costs with a high-efficiency LED design. Powerful, single-color RGBW LEDs deliver up to 10,300 lumens at full white and blend seamlessly for rich, smooth hues. Of the six beam angle options available, Hansam utilized the narrow diffusion option to highlight the architectural elements with striking illumination. Martin RDM5.5 Splitters carry DMX and RDM lighting control signals between fixtures, maintaining a stable connection over the bridge’s long spans.

 The Exterior Wash 300 is IP66-rated for permanent outdoor use, enabling it to withstand the harsh conditions on the bridge. As an extra safety measure against the punishing 134 mile-per-hour winds experienced in the area, Hansam secured the fixtures using reinforced base plates in addition to their built-in mounting brackets. The Exterior Wash 300’s optional glare shield snoot attachment reduces light spill and focus the illumination on the bridge.

 "We were highly satisfied with the previous Martin Exterior 600 fixtures, and the maintenance service from Hansam System Co.,” said Mr. Yangil Kim, Manager at KOINFRA. “That’s why we decided to continue our venture with Hansam, and since the team was confident about the quality and performance of the Exterior Wash 300, we decided to lock it in the project. The color output of the fixture is commendable.”

 "Smart infrastructure relies on continuous innovation,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “At Martin by HARMAN, we offer future-proof solutions in line with varied industry needs. We thank Hansam System for their expertise in applying Martin’s sophisticated fixtures to illuminate an attractive landmark and elevate experiences for users.”

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