CBT Calculator v1.3.0.1

JBL’s CBT Calculator software is a precision engineering tool allowing audio professionals to design JBL’s CBT Constant Beamwidth Technology line array column loudspeakers into a wide variety of venues.

CBT Calculator shows the vertical coverage of CBT models in venues via a cross-sectional sound level coverage display. The program allows the use of up to 3 CBT speakers and virtual adjustment of their various adjustable settings for vertical coverage (narrow or broad) and voicing (speech or music/flat), in a space with up to 4 independent listening planes.

In addition to the SPL vertical coverage mapping of a proposed design, the CBT Calculator also shows the frequency response for up to 6 listener locations as well as an SPL summary of the listener locations over user-defined frequency bands. It helps designers to determine the best CBT model selection, the proper vertical coverage and voicing settings, mounting height and the down-angle, allowing audio professionals to design CBT column line array speakers into many venue-application types.


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Installing the Software – Operates on Windows operating system. Unzip the file into a directory and then run the “setup.exe” program. Your computer will need the latest version of Microsoft .NET 3.5 (the installer will prompt you to download it if your computer requires an update). If you already have a previous version of CBT Calculator on your computer, the software should uninstall it automatically. If that doesn’t occur, then uninstall all previous versions using Add/Remove programs in the Windows Control Panel.

  • Adds the CBT1000 and CBT1000E Very High Output CBT Models
  • Allows select between 4 up‐coverage angles and 4 down‐coverage angle settings (for 16 coverage combinations)

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