Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


This CSR statement has been prepared by Duran Audio BV, a strongly R&D driven and innovative production company. Duran Audio BV with its main office located in Zaltbommel, the Netherlands. Duran Audio focuses on the industrial, electrical and the entertainment industries, and as a solution provider in these industries, we are in the midst of society, creating a solution-oriented environment, and offering both innovative and sustainable concepts to these business markets. This CSR statement is meant to offer interested parties an insight into the core values of our organization. Apart from a brief explanation of what CSR means for Duran Audio you will find in this statement also some practical examples.

Meaning Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to explain how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in our business, we start with the definition of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. In following our CSR goals Duran Audio chooses the best available technical solutions which can be implemented at a reasonable cost. It's our goal to strike a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Corporate Social Responsibility is a natural part of our business and culture. CSR means for Duran Audio that we strive for a balance between a healthy operating efficiency, a better environment, and optimal welI-being of employees and society. We see it as our task to observe and to make known to our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders the contents of this declaration.

Duran Audio and Corporate Social Responsibility

Duran Audio makes moral choices in her actions and has a respectful way of dealing with its people, customers and environment. Duran Audio respects and acts in accordance with the law and regulations and the prevailing norms and values. Duran Audio focuses on the needs of, and is transparent in its communication with, its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders whilst making agreements with these parties. An important place in our organization is the subject of quality. We continually train our staff and other parties to the highest quality. We invest a significant amount of time and money in guaranteeing this quality and efficiency. Duran Audio makes high demands on its quality and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. We focus not only on the people and their development but also society as a whole, and the environment. This is at the centre of how we conduct business. Some practical examples are now given in each area:

  • Welfare Staff (People)
  • Environmentally Friendly Business (Planet)
  • Social Responsibility (Profit)

Welfare staff

One of the goals of our organization is the welfare of our employees. The welfare of our employees is promoted by a healthy, good and safe working environment. Good Health & Safety Rules are applied in the interest of our organization, our employees and our customers. All branches/business premises of Duran Audio have Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI & E) policies prepared, and are in conformity to the Health Service. In the preparation of the RI & E Duran Audio is utilising the approved criteria for the technical industry and this is an industry approved and recognized tooi. Duran Audio has been an 1S09001:2008 certified company since 2010. Duran Audio invests heavily in a relaxed and positive atmosphere by offering an informal environment with open communication to promote and create responsibility with which employees have a lot of freedom. In addition we also hold bi-annual staff parties organised on a regular basis, one before the summer break, a barbeque, and one prior to the Christmas break, a Xmas dinner. Duran Audio communicates in an open and honest way about its policies, and possible future business changes. The policy of Duran Audio to our employees' is one of offering sustainable and optimum reliable performance. We nurture a healthy, motivated, and committed team spirit; this promotes a productive working environment, both from the perspective of the employees and the organization. Duran Audio achieves its goal by taking account of education and age and the associated specific characteristics and needs. We encourage all our employees to follow various forms of training in order to improve their skill sets. This approach regularly leads to internal promotion, with the knowledge and skills acquired being used within the organisation to its benefit. It also allows for mobility for the employees promoting employees retention figures considerably above the industry norm. Duran Audio takes its responsibility for young people very seriously, offering them internships. We work with educational establishments to promote not only the potential positions within our company but also a technological exchange. Thus we provide an active contribution to the development and transfer of knowledge to others who want to learn the trade. Recruitment and selection looks at competencies of future colleagues, regardless of age, origin or employment restriction. This allows for some of the workforce to be (partially) disabled employees. Duran Audio stimulates mobility within its organization.

Environmentally friendly entrepreneurship

Another goal of our organization is to be an environmentally friendly business. In the course of our operations we pursue best practice for both technical and economical measures, and arrangements are made for any adverse effects on the environment to a minimised. The best possible control and reduction of environmental pollution is an issue in business. Duran Audio meets the requirements of the environmental legislation and sets and lives after this. As an organization we want to prevent pollution and we strive for continuous improvements in these goals. Potential environmental risks that are relevant to the organization are constantly monitored with a view to minimize any adverse effect. Because some activities of Duran Audio fail within the scope of the Environmental Protection Act there are regular environmental audits undertaken at the various locations. In addition to providing quality products Duran Audio is focused on developing environmentally friendly products. Duran Audio is mindful and focused on offering tangible improvements to all its activities, which may cause damage to the environment. Within the process that led to our certification was the foundation for further sustainability of the business in the coming years. Our organization takes energy saving measures by choosing green electricity where possible, applying insulation and energy-efficient materials, equipment and Iighting in the building. The sustainability awareness of our employees is encouraged by drawing attention to unnecessary energy and water consumption, reducing paper consumption, waste, reducing plastic waste through the use of coffee and tea mugs instead of plastic cups and encouraging the use of bicycles for living / commuting or carpooling. Also reducing fuel consumption and the use of environmentally friendly commercial vehicles within our organization is a constant focus of attention. There is at Duran Audio separate collection of paper, plastic, metal, batteries, and wood, and also a chemical waste site. Actively reducing waste by our customers is encouraged and we offer our clients the opportunity to swap product casings that work rather than disposing of them and offering newly manufactured casings. Our aim is also to reduce waste, such as paper, cardboard and plastic. This focus is conveyed to both our customer and our own organizations as a key goal. Duran Audio products are, where possible, shipped in re-usable special transport crates. Finally, all new suppliers are carefully chosen. We set high standards for products that we purchase for daily operations, but also do this for any products we manufacture and sell.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is carried out by Duran Audio in direct relationship to its (immediate) environment to which we actively want to contribute. We are always conscious of our social and natural environment and therefore Duran Audio takes its social responsibility in various ways. Duran Audio sponsors several local organizations such as: sound system sponsoring to the local theatres and sponsoring the local Emmy Verhey Festival, along with other local and regional events. Duran Audio provides transparency in financial reporting by filing our balance sheet and income statement at the Chamber of Commerce. Our finances are administered by an established and respected bank, the van Lanschot Bank. Duran Audio will ensure a positive contribution to the local economy, by actively seeking its employees where possible from the local vicinity, this approach helps to minimise commutes to and from work and therefore provides further benefits for the environment. We inform our relationships (customers / clients, colleagues and suppliers) of are Social Responsibility stance and promote this stance with these relations where possible.

Gerrit Duran